Create your own EnergyID Group

Empower your customers, building managers or residents to do more with EnergyID and collaborate on energy, water and waste management.

Assign EnergyID Premium licenses

As a group administrator, you can assign EnergyID Premium licenses to the buildings, homes, or locations being monitored in your group. You can choose between two licensing options: Premium and Premium HR (high resolution).

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Send campaign messages

Send targeted messages to members of your group to keep them engaged and informed about your climate action, to conduct a survey, or to share tips.

This feature is currently available in preview.

Personal coaching and support

Do you want to help the members of your group to setup their monitoring? Or do you want to give them personal advice? Request read or write access to the records assigned to you and take on the role of an (energy) coach.

Insights into the performance of your group

With the explicit agreement of the members in your group, we use our monitoring tools to bring all relevant information of your group together in one clear dashboard.

This feature is currently in development.

Step 1

Define your target audience

At EnergyID, we believe that saving energy is important for everyone, which is why we offer solutions for a variety of organizations. Whether you're a business, non-profit organization, or local government, you can use our platform to provide energy monitoring to your specific target audience, such as customers, members, building managers, or residents.

Step 2

How many records do you want to include in your group?

Once you have defined your target audience, the next step is to decide how many homes, buildings or locations you want to include in your group. This can range from just a few homes or commercial buildings to an entire neighborhood or an entire portfolio.

Each record in your group counts towards the number of Premium licenses you pay for. As a group administrator, you can choose to assign a Premium license with or without high resolution capabilities. The cost of an EnergyID Premium license depends upon on the type of building or location.

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Step 3

Request your quote

Now that you have an answer to some basic questions, you are ready to request a quote. We will contact you to explain the different options and help you get your group started.

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Privacy of your group members

At EnergyID, we value the privacy of our users. When a user joins a group, we communicate transparently about the permissions requested by the group administrators. Any organization starting a group should have a privacy policy that describes how they handle data privacy.