Smarter use of energy, together

EnergyID helps you collect, analyse and compare your energy, water, waste and transport data, individually and collectively.

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One person can make a difference and everyone should try.

– John F. Kennedy

Everything in one place

Manually or automatically collect all your energy, water, waste and transport data, and put them to work — individually or together with other users.

Get insights and compare with others

We process your data into simple graphs and useful insights. Discover whether your consumption is as expected and how much you are currently saving. Through our benchmark module, you can quickly compare yourself with similar users.

Join collaborative actions or start one yourself

Form a group for your local climate action, collective renovation project or buildings managed by your organisation. Find and join groups in your area or contact us and start one yourself.

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Check your results on any device

Whether you like to work on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, EnergyID looks just as good.

Integrate automatic data sources

Do you have a smart meter, data logger, inverter or other device? EnergyID has different integrations that automatically add meter readings to your personal record.

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